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Approaching and Talking to Women Does Not Have to Be a Scary Experience

Want to know how to approach any girl in a bar, club, party, or any other social gathering with confidence? This is truly what separates the men from the boys, AFC’s from PUA’s, alphas from omegas, etc… Your ability to be able to approach a girl or set of girls is going to be the difference between getting laid or going home empty handed. Did you know that you can make a MISTAKE and lose a girls ATTRACTION before you have even open your mouth?! There is a right and wrong way to approach as well as a proper way to convey your body language. These are things that girls will pick up on immediately and will respond to subconsciously. You could have a great personality, good looks, great linguistics (smooth talking), but it will not matter if you do not know how approach and open. IF the girl has already written you off in her subconscious mind, you will never even get the chance to show her how much of a GREAT guy you are. Ever notice how CERTAIN guys just seem to be able SLIDE right into a group of girls and instantly start an engaging and entertaining conversation? Well these guys have either learned this behavior or are alpha’s by nature, but what you need to know is that YOU can be this way too. With a little research and practice you can master this most important and crucial part of picking up girls.

Knowing how to open a set of girls is the first step in the pick up process. A lot of guys have great opening lines and can carry on a conversation for days, but as I stated before, most men will fail before they even get the chance to talk. One thing you can do to instantly lose a girls attraction is looking like a PREDATOR. If you look as if you are lion stalking prey out in the Serengeti, well that’s not going to help your cause at all. Men look like this when they are at the bar scanning the room for potential female targets to talk to. This becomes obvious to any hot chick as they are able easily pick up on this kind of behavior as they have approached by men 1000’s of times. The biggest thing that can turn off a girl is when you telegraph your interests or intentions. Girls do not want to be chased and they definitely do not want the guy who is out at the bar solely to chase girls.

In order to successfully approach girls, you need to be seen at the bar as someone who is out at the bar having a great time. Always be seen talking to people whether they are guys or girls, their looks do not matter. You want to be seen as someone who is fun, interesting, and having a good time (what I like to call a ‘social butterfly’). As you move slowly around the room talking to different people, it is okay to scan the room and look for prospects. Sometimes a girl with give you attention in the form of extended eye contact. If I am interested in the girl, I will immediately make a move as eye contact can usually be a great indicator of interest (know as a PUA community as an IOI).


When you have found a target, now is the time to approach. A common rule to live by is the 3 second rule. Basically what this entails is approaching your target within 3 seconds of spotting her out. This was mainly created to help guys who have approach anxiety. If you allow yourself too much time to think about what you are going to do, you can often times make yourself anxious and psych yourself out. This also creates the perception of a confident alpha male. It makes it seem as if you have no fear to approach and talk to anyone at anytime, anywhere.

Another key factor to consider when approaching is the speed and angle at which you approach. You want to approach at a medium to slow speed and kind of at an angle where it looks as if you might just be passing by. If you walk directly towards your target or set, you have not only telegraphed your intentions to early, but this is also considered by women to be too aggressive and can come off as creepy.


A PUA opener is a line or routine used to engage your target or set into a conversation. A PUA opener is different from a pickup line. The goal of the PUA opener is to quickly draw the interest of the target or set and distract them from the fact you are trying to pick them up. This can be accomplished by saying something that will immediately stimulate their brains have them actively participating in a conversation. One of the most common ways to go about doing this is by asking them what is known as an opinion opener. An example of this would be “Can I ask you guys a quick question? I wanted to get some female opinions on something. This will be quick because I need to get back to my friends over there (this is known as a false time constraint, or FTC, as you really aren’t planning on making this conversation quick. You say this to ease the target or sets anxiety about when this stranger who just started talking to them out of nowhere is going to leave).” Then they will probably say something like “Yeah sure what is it?” Then you will ask them a question. The question should be something that will actually get some kind of a reaction out of them and get a conversation going. A simple yes or no question will not suffice. An example of question like this would be “So, me and my friends were talking about this buddy of ours. He has this girlfriend who goes to party’s and gets drunk and will make out with other girls. The first time it happened he didn’t mind, but it is starting to happen more often and it’s starting to bother him. Do you guys think its okay for her to do that? Do you guys think that should be considered cheating?”

There are many different ways to open girls, but just because you know how to open does not mean you are going to score. There is so much more to it, like after you open, how are you going to keep the conversation going? How will you start building attraction and rapport with your target female? You need to do things such as win the approval of their friends and handle what are known as shit tests (shit tests are a girls way to figure out if you are desperate or needy or possess any other negative qualities).

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